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Carolina Herrera - Womens Spring/Summer 2020 Collection in New York (with interviews)

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Creative director: wes gordoninspiration: the blossoming of spring flowers in california, also known as ‘’the super bloom’’, gave birth to this new collection that took place in the botanical garden, battery park, at the tip of manhattan, opposite the statue of liberty. collection: the first models appear with large structured skirts worn with white blouses, as a tribute to the founder, carolina, sitting in the front row. the colours are incredible, like jets of paint incorporated into the clothes. a mini skirt and short combination make an appearance as well as dresses highlighting the legs. then enchanting, voluminous and bright ballgowns are revealed, with embroidery or floral prints.to note: polka dots, another company code, return even on tulle.interviews:wes gordon:i was inspired for the collection by a super bloom that happened in california this past spring. a super bloom is a botanical phenomenon in which there’s a drought and then the next year flowers erupt from the ground everywhere as far as the eye can see. i love colour, carolina herrera is all about colour and i think it’s one of our most important brand values and our women love colour. i always like to say that the carolina herrera woman is the one who, whenever anyone else on the sidewalk is in a black coat, she is wearing hot pink. the first thing i do every season is create my colour card. we had long, we had short, we had stripes and then we had of course what i call the neutral of carolina herrera, black and white polka dots. there is nothing more fun than black and white polka dots and we had as well some great florals and it was this cocktail and the combination of these things that creates the celebration that i think is carolina herrera. the most important thing to me i think is this idea of mixing day and cocktail and evening. don’t think about that anymore, i think it’s important that you just buy the pieces that bring you joy and you wear them when you feel like you want to smile. valentina:i absolutely adored it. i’m a big fan of carolina herrera and wes gordon. the collaboration of everything that she has created and then his interpretation of everything, the flowers, and you know, it kept that essence of being a beautiful modern day latina woman, very empowered, very elegant, very regal and i loved it. music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information)