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N°21- Women's and Men's Spring/Summer 2020 collection in Milan (with interview)

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Artistic director: alessandro dell’acqua inspiration: “erotic liberation”. a highly-strung eroticism, for a mixed collection, with identical pieces for both sexes without the idea of becoming “no gender”.collection: an elegant summer wardrobe with micro-flowers inspired by patterns from the 70’s. everything is a question of attitude and the cuts give the possibility of different ways to wear it. the sleeves on the jackets are open and reveal the arm. armholes unbutton to create asymmetry effects. bermuda shorts are one of the flagship pieces of this wardrobe for men and women. the male sweaters are covered with crystals. the shirts fasten at the back by long bows. even the knitwear twists and is worn in an unstructured way. the materials are light and the nylon appeared on parachute clothes. the voluminous anoraks are decorated with high-quality fabrics. the creased leather gives an imperfection effect to the shirts and lightens their weight. to note: the large, cubic shaped heels on shoes with straps. the pleated skirts made of two materials. the clutches printed in the form of an envelope. shorts that are worn on trousers.interview with alessandro dell’acqua:this is the first time this collection has men and women together. for me it is very important to have the same situation for the men and for the women. i use the same materials, the same prints and the same clothes, but in different ways. it is not gender, not travesty, but absolutely masculine and feminine. the prints are very important for me this season, prints from the 70s but super modern with the attitude, it is the new suit. it’s very important, the eroticism, a little nudity, because all the clothes are cut here, or cut in this part, cut on the shoulder. the dress is super feminine but super modulate. it is an eroticism super sensual but not sexy, absolutely not sexy. music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).