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Y/Project - Women's Spring/Summer 2020 collection in Paris (with interview)

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Creative director: glenn martensinspiration: “it’s a bit like the belle époque on acid”, is how glenn martens describes his new collection that’s revealed under the pont alexander iii bridge in paris.collection: rather urban and sportswear at the beginning, with “distorted” polo dresses like they are seamed on the side, denim shorts, large wraparound coats or a trench coat with parts of fabric creating pleats. the large dresses seem to come from a distant empire, with turned up collars and added volumes. the designer adds tulle and cracked organza to suits to give an even greater effect in the movement.to note: the red dress that closes the show + the heart-shaped jewellery. interview with glenn martens:there’s a “belle époque” side to this collection. we decided to show it under the alexandre iii bridge which is reminiscent of the “heydays” of the 19th century, and with the idea of being "under acid", in a contemporary way, even with music that becomes completely crazy at one point and i believe we tried to translate it into clothes.opulence is expressed through lots of material, lots of fabrics and even with the finest pieces that we see in tulle, with a hyper-tight 90’s spirit. however, we add many layers of tulle with different colours, so we can choose the colour we want to show, the one we want play with and we can do as we like.the suits are doubled in cracked organza so they have a story to tell, like a reflexion, with richness and joy. music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).