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Louis Vuitton - Women's Spring/Summer 2020 collection in Paris (with interviews)

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Artistic director: nicolas ghesquiereinspiration: a wooden structure with an illuminated screen in the background, showing the performance of the artist sophie, in colour and xxl, with a door appearing for the models to walk out.collection: the belle époque meets the 70’s. a mix of young, slender and inspiring silhouettes. short corolle skirts or straight trousers, with just a large zip in the centre and pockets on the front, worn with a blouse with rounded sleeves and sleeveless jackets or tops in iridescent tones. the dresses and short coats are printed with very “art nouveau” designs like flowers, colourful and sparkling faces and figures, giving way to monochrome silhouettes dressed in a rounded cloche hat.to note: iris boutonnières on each look + the new models of bags, including the rounded mini-model or the “vhs tape” + the front row: justin timberlake & jessica biel, chloé grace moretz, jennifer connelly, catherine deneuve, alicia vikander, mark ronson and ruth negga. with interviews:anna dell russo:it was phenomenal, all this construction, about visionary, because there was this idea to also have this fluid guy, talking, singing with this androgynous style and all this information about fashion & emotion and it was amazing. stefano tonchi:i think it is a very impressive show because there are so many ideas, it was so rich, i think there was a lot of the history about what nicolas has done to his career, all the research on the fabrics, the shapes and the volumes but i think everything also had a real street-feeling in a certain way. sometimes it’s about the ideas, but sometimes it’s also about how you deliver them. chris:what i like about vuitton, is that there is a superposition of many references to the past but at the same time it is very futuristic and there are clashes of different influences which makes the silhouette super modern and very desirable.ruth negga:i thought it was beautiful and ethereal and it felt like marc bolan meets dh lawrence and i thought it was absolutely delicious. music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).