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Prabal Gurung: Women's Autumn/Winter 2020/21 show in New York (with interview)

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Designer: prabal gurunginspiration: new york, in all its diversity, glamour and creativity. this is how the rendezvous is given on the 65th floor of the rockefeller plaza, in a ballroom with crystal chandeliers, where dry martinis are sipped, looking at the view of the illuminated skyscrapers...collection: dresses with sensual cut-outs, with velvet rhinestone or in more bold colours, like water green and passion red.prabal dares with leopard, bright flowers and colours, the strong point of the designer, he chooses to play with elegance. and he does not forget the trouser suit, in its black and/or white version, which are both absolutely chic ...to note: the diversity in the casting with “gender fluid” models + the accessories, especially the large earrings worn on one side.interview with prabal gurung: it's a celebration of new york and it's the new yorkers, you know i always say new york is a feeling rather than just a place, it's a city of misfits, bold, audacious impossible dreamers.i came here to new york after travelling all over the world trying to find a home for myself and i came here because i was inspired by the artists and the creative people who through the music, or paintings, or designs and everything, really told a story and healed my soul, they beckoned me, they called me here, without even knowing me and so it was a celebration of that. i think it's quite sensual, it's quite sexy and i think that's what new york is, there is a little bit of grit to it and that's what new york is.i think, why not still look good, why not be joyous about it, because the fight is long and hard and i think it's important that we are able to enjoy every moment and realise how blessed we are. music from the show (to use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information)