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Richard Quinn : Women's and Men's Autumn/Winter 2020/21 show in London (with interviews)

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designer: richard quinninspiration: it was at the royal horticultural halls, near westminster, that the latest show of the designer took place, called “house of quinn” on the program, with a large front window full of sublime flowers as the background, a way to represent himself as a real couture house, based in london, but also like a place of dreams and all possible fantasies… the doors open, and surrounded by a pianist, the singer hannah grace accompanies the parading models with her warm voice during the show.collection: a surprising start with models walking with their faces completely covered, with a mask that is part of the total look of the outfit. flamboyant tops tightened at the waist, worn over large black trousers flared at the bottom. we come across short dresses, with flared underskirts and puffed sleeves and longer monochrome models like covering capes. the prints developed in the designer’s studio are impressive, as are all the embroidery, feathers and additions of pearls and sequins. there are of course ball gowns and voluminous models, with coloured feathered hoods. a very colourful show, where flowers and rhinestone mix for a flamboyant result.to note: men are also present at the show, especially in their completely rhinestone suits, a disco spirit, just as attractive + confetti falling from the ceiling for the finale. interviews :chaikra maximus : it’s a nice show, i like the clothes, very colourful, the heels are pretty comfortable which is nice as well.liam marquant : for me it’s my first season here, the first show that i’ve done in london and i really like this slightly eccentric style that is out of the ordinary, that makes its trademark in fact, it really has a unique character. billy porter : it was amazing, you know the inventiveness, the craft, to sort of be in the mind of a designer like this and what comes out is just so extraordinary, it’s really really lovely and i feel just so great to be a part of it, to be experiencing it like this in real time. all the parts worked together, you know the presentation, the set, obviously the clothes, but the music is the final layer, it really takes us to the space where he wants us to be and it’s phenomenal. music from the show (to use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information)