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N°21: Spring/Summer show in Milan (with interview)

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Designer: alessandro dell’acquatheme of the collection: out of scaleinspiration: the label celebrates its 10th anniversary and looks back at the emblematic elements which made its success. collection: the starting point of this collection is the striped men’s shirt, omnipresent in this new wardrobe mixed with a punk spirit. many functional or ornamental details decorate the clothes. xxl chains serve as suspenders or belts and safety pins create floral patterns on slender dresses or knitwear. elements of couture embellish the silhouettes. feathers and sequins cover the total looks. the idea of a certain sensuality is expressed through pencil skirts, slits, a dress with the strap falling on one shoulder or a dress in lace or macramé.focus on the jacket lined with shearling entirely covered with sequins and the check suit or long camel-coloured gilet in mohair.to note: the chains on the ballet pumps or stilettos. interview with alessandro dell'acqua:just all my obsessions, the punk, the masculine feminine, the bourgeoise milanese, all together, in this collection i wanted all my obsessions over these 10 years in one collection. the first is the masculine shirt, very very oversize because i wanted all the out of scale, longer sleeves, very big back, that is in the mood very sexy, the coat, only the shirt with the cardigan, but for me the shirt is very important for this collection because it was the first obsession for n°21. the shearling is fake with the masculine shirt and the same skirt, but very decorative, very sexy. music from the show (to use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information)