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A virtual tour of Chaumet's hôtel particulier - Episode 1: the salons

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Rendezvous at number 12 of the place vendôme in paris, where the hôtel particulier of the chaumet jewellery house is situated. there we can find the shop, the private salons and the ateliers, which have all just been renovated. here is a tour, virtual of course, but in the company of jean marc mansvelt, ceo of the house. for the first episode, let’s discover the private salons on the first floor.interview with jean-marc mansvelt, ceo of chaumet:in this vestibule, we write the first page of history, if we talk about the creation and the emergence of the house as “jeweller of the emperor”.the mansion was built in 1777 for m. baudard de saint-james, and what survived most remarkably during this period is the chopin salon. it’s an extraordinary salon since it dates from before the french revolution. so it's classified. it is a national treasure classified since 1927.and it’s also remarkable because this is where frédéric chopin came every day for the last four months of his life.now let’s enter into potentially the most spectacular salon, probably in the visual way of the house, “the tiara salon”. here, we tell the story of 240 years of design through 264 “maillechorts”, all of which are unique, hand-painted objects that show the creative diversity of the house. of course, it’s an extraordinary place because when you see these nickel silver walls, i think we’ve said it all.this art of the tiara, this art of wearing, which also can be defined as an art from the court, since it obviously expresses the power, but also the relationship between the earth and the sky. it is certainly the object that best sums up what chaumet house represents in the eyes of the public. one of the great signs of the refurbishment of this hôtel particulier is a very extraordinary salon that existed but was no longer in use. here we are in the “salon des perles”, pearls salon which is historically the dining room of this hôtel particulier.we painted this salon with this blue that is the signature colour of the house. and then we also reconstructed these panels which were historically leather panels from cordoba. we didn't want to mimic the past, so we reinterpreted it instead. we took the pattern that was on the woodwork and we painted it with this blue and gold, especially the leaves which are actually bay leaves. as you know, at chaumet, everything is symbolic and a reference to something, that is what napoléon and joséphine wanted.this salon is a demonstration of how we really tried to express handmade work and the work of the craftsmen everywhere. the know-how, specifically the french know-how, is both a tribute to the jewellers and to the house, but it is also finally a return to the roots.the house was really the voice of the emperor's strategy. after the french revolution, the strategy of paris really goes back to the splendour, the know-how, the luxury, and that's what we also tried to show in this hôtel particulier. music - gradient - piano version by philip daniel zach artlist