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Insider Koché Spring-Summer 2021 show: A parade in the heart of nature for a return to basics

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Christelle kocher has chosen to present her collection in buttes-chaumont park, in the middle of nature, to the sound of bagpipes, worn by a diverse and parisian cast.the collection aims to appear optimistic, resolutely turned towards craftsmanship, mixing sportswear spirit with extreme femininity, with additions of feathers, embroidery and lace, with work on the cuts revealing romantic and delicate 1930s dresses. there is also a reflection on gender and more responsible and engaged fashion with the use of recycled materials.interview christelle kocher :this is a very symbolic collection, in tune with nature, because i designed this collection by looking, by working, in fact facing the park, because i live very close to the park, and there was something of a return to your roots feeling. back to a hand-crafted style, with a choice of fabrics, of which over half are recycled or organic. and also, here is great craftmanship, embroidery, feathers. but it is also presented by young people with an 100% parisian street casting, this year, given the contexts, and it was very beautiful to see this energy from young people.it is also ultimately, quite an optimistic and delicate response, with work on the cuts inspired by 1930s clothes, which have always greatly influenced me, the work of sportswear, but finally, in a delicate and romantic manner, with the use of lace ribbons on boys and girls. and this reflection, finally, on gender, on style, on this fluidity, is because i think it is important to be able to adapt.music from the show (to use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information)