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Statements 2020 - what has been the real change?

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This pandemic, the lockdowns, the closing of schools, museums and shops will undoubtedly leave an impact... 2020, what has been the real change? 4 leading players in the industry answer: xavier romatet, laurent milchior, olivier gabet, guillaume houzé.xavier romatetthe crisis has been a kind of pause, a bracket of time and space which has allowed us to ask fundamental questions. from the moment we ask ourselves these fundamental questions, we become the master and a player of our own choices.laurent milchiorwe have given meaning to the family, relationships. we realised how precious human relationships are. i think that the lock down and this health crisis have made us live and have allowed us to prioritise relationships, human relationships, as well as in the private and professional sphere.olivier gabetin the world of museums, it means doing a little less, a little longer, doing a lot with our collections, not necessarily being only in events or in the blockbuster. is fashion just about producing collections that we do not even look at, or is fashion more about self-expression? ultimately, people are always better placed to know what self-expression you want to have and a look, a style that does not necessarily renew with each collection.guillaume houzéwe have a conviction, which is that the world is going badly. we do not have two planets and therefore we must take the necessary measures to ensure that we can find solutions so that our children, tomorrow, will live better in the world that is to come.