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Insider - FENX, his leitmotif: 'glorifying' the female body!

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His leitmotif: ‘glorifying’ the female body.his inspiration: the covers of playboy magazine that he revisits.a meeting with fenx in his studio a few days before the opening of his exhibition at cohle gallery.interview with loïc le floch-fenx (subtitled)it is not as easy today as displaying bodies or packets of cigarettes. i find that we have become relatively prude, under the cover of freedom, you no longer have the right to say anything.the aim was to reproduce the covers in my own way, with my vision. on certain covers, there were certain colours i didn’t like. i remove lots of details in my work. i go back to what matisse was doing, what i mean by that is that he said: “the more we remove details, the more the viewer’s imagination can get going”for example, with kate moss. i am not necessarily a super fan of kate moss, i’m pretty impartial, but i know that she really speaks to some people. the aim is to awaken your memories, to say to each other ah yes, i remember that time in 2014, i was here or there, there was this article, that really spoke to me, voilà. so i chose them too, a bit like that. or for a side like the one with the zebra, which is a cover of 88, where i found the graphic side that he managed to do. there was a lot of work on the covers, it was done for playboy, who was very strong in the aesthetics of their cover, and the goal was to look for this thing, that was really the graphic side.i don’t think it’s a problem that women are sexualised because their curves are nicer than men’s. men can be sexualised, but there would be the opposite for sexualised men. that doesn’t bother me either. i do not know why there are so many taboos surrounding women’s bodies. when we are born, we are born naked, out of a woman’s body. but then, we make that a taboo. i think it would be easier, less problematic, if we didn’t make bodies an issue.i consider myself a feminist artist. after, i don’t know if today, i consider myself that way. i am an artist who speaks about women.