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Insider - Joséphine et Napoléon, Chaumet's guests

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joséphine and napoleon, chaumet’s guestsfirst public exhibition in chaumet’s private salons,in place vendôme in paris‘jospéphine and napoléon, an (extra)ordinary story’a legendary couple’s story told through 150 pieces of jewellerya walk through the roomsseven atmospheres for seven moments in their livesjean-marc mansvelt, ceo of chaumet,invites us into his favourite roominterview with jean-marc mansvelt, ceo of chaumet:so, i welcome you here in one of the rooms,the so-called imperial salon, since we're going to speak here,about the coronation of the emperor, the empress, the demonstration of powerand that great moment, of course, of the coronation of the emperor and empress.but we also tell the story here,in this salon, of somethingvery important to josephinewhich is nature, this living nature, this captured nature.she was a great botanist.malmaison was a wonderful garden.obviously, it's also of her martinican origin.a little more detail, obviously,we see the ear of wheat.the ear of wheat is also the idea that everything is a symbol of the empire and that we will,in particular, our houseat the service of the emperor and the empress,work on what is symbolic, what makes sense.we are talking about wheat,but we can also talk about the laurel,since the laurel on this painting bydavid, "where i am, said the emperor, the new caesar".a magnificent loan from the institut de france,or also the laurel for the empress,wheat, the laurel, the somewhat mythological representationswhich will be much at the service of the power and glory of the empire.we're gonna stop for a secondon something much more intimate, much more personal.here we have brought together for thisexhibition, this pair of earringswhich belong to the louvre museumand this large pearl necklace that belongs to a private collector.here we are, really at the heart ofjosephine's taste and true love of josephine.we see much more simplicity.we must also remember that at the time,pearls are more precious than diamonds.all that the emperor and empresswill found, and on which the house will largely contribute to,still exists today in style, by the themes, with the house of chaumet.music free of right - vision by pete james johnson artlist