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Insider - Mellerio, between past and rebirth

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How didthe oldest jewellery house,founded in 1613,take a turning point in 2021?1. by rejuvenating its imagenew instagram profilebold imagesfreshness and simplicity for its new campaign 2. with a new collection between history and archivesinterview with laure-isabelle mellerio : a collection that has its roots in italy, because that's where we come from,we come from a small mountain village in the north of italy,over the lakes, and we love to go to the borromean islands.this time, i worked on "isola madre", which is the largest islewith a beautiful, exuberant garden.and that's why we have this presentation in herbs and small flowers.first, a set of high jewellery "isola madre",with tourmalines which evoke the water of the lake,and all the the colours of the garden.collection giardino one high jewellery setand four sets around one historical shapeinterview with laure- isabelle mellerio : this is a book with archival drawings from 1830.here we see a drawing from 1830 which is on the ring.a very worked drawing,but very airy, very fine, with everything in curves, because mellerio,represents the curve, the sensuality, the femininity.so all of this is transcribed in its curves, its intertwining.in the ring body too,we can see a very fine interlacing and also a contrast betweenpaved gold and unpaved gold, which gives volume to the designs.