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R-Evolution Style - Le fil Paris, a young brand born during Covid

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Interview : we should get out of this mood and just,you know, start going back to what we love and it's a passion, fashion is really a passion.le fil paris,a young brand born during covidthis is lyn abdel rahman libanaise & filza marri,pakistani students who became friends and graduated in parisjust a year ago,while the whole world was on ‘pause’,they remotely created their brand!interview : we're coming back to paris with no job.we didn't know what to do.we were like, we need to do something.and this is the time because we have nothing on our hands.let's just start designing.why did you call your brand 'le fil'?le fil in french as well, is a thread which connects ustwo people, two different people,it could be, you know, two friends,two partners, two colleagues, anyone.a thread which actually connects two people.so that was the thread which actually connected lyn and me.so that's why we named it le fil.a transparent and light collection in the middle of a pandemic?we were so heavy in our hearts that whenwe wanted to go out, we just wantedto not carry that burden with us.we just wanted to be light and airy and, just let go of it.how did you construct a collection remotely?i had this really old person who has a small shop inand i asked him, i said "do you have maybe organza, or these fabrics?"he was like "i don't think so but maybe i can see if i have something back in stock"so, those are the bits of pieces which we got.and we were like, ok, we're going to do it.so this is how it came up.should we be sustainable?i wish we could do something about it.and then we came up with this idea that there is these women in the south of pakistan, they make this patchwork called "sindhi ralli",they make a quilt you wear while you sleep.it's very beautiful, very colorful.instead of wasting this fabrics,we would make our brand more zero wasteand give all the pieces which are left and which are thrown, which are not used,we take all those pieces and donate them.a year after?for sure, i do not even take a single weekend off.so i think there is a lot of hard work, there's a lot of thinking.i think it's taught us to be more independent, more fearless becausewe were alive, but we did not know what's going to what has to come tomorrow.so i think this is one thing which really gave us a boost, the confidence we needed.